🌠 This is Pods 🌠

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Welcome aboard

Pods is a NFT project on Avalanche that is going to bring real yield to NFTs. Lets face it, the Ponzi era is dead (sad i know). The days of earning 192843719% APR on vaporware tokens touted by some guy fishing in the Caribbean are behind us. Anon, did you really think earning 20% on your stable coins was going to be sustainable? Us too. Dont be sad its over, be happy it happened. You probably learned some valuable lessons, and tax evaded on those rebase token claims (shhhh we wont snitch).

Enter: Real Yield.

Now that most of the degen leveraged liquid capital has been eviscerated from our pockets, we as a community need to be better in understanding where our juicy yield is coming from. We are going to see a huge shift in mindset in the coming months, and its already happening as we speak. The people want REAL YIELD, and they want it NOW. What is real yield? Simple. Its yield earned from real sources of income, and not a magic token printer. The best example? $GMX. (https://gmx.io/#/). The process is simple, the platform earns fees from people trading, they then return those fees to token holders. Real income, real fees, REAL YIELD. Beautiful innit?

The Vision For Pods

I could write a whole paper explaining the vision of pods in extreme technical detail, but you wont read it, so why waste our time? Lets put it very simple... You know Chikn? (https://twitter.com/chikn_nft) You know GMX? (https://gmx.io/#/) Now imagine if they had a baby, and threw it into space. Thats Pods, welcome aboard.

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