πŸš€ The Art πŸš€
10,000 Pods. All hand made. All 1/1.

Months were spent designing the Pods. Sure we could have generatively created these, or maybe even used AI, but we didn't. Rather, we hand designed every single Pod in Blender. Why is that important? Glad you asked, Blender allows us to develop in VR. NFTs on Avalanche that are VR capable. You will be able to literally go inside your NFT.

  • 10,000 Pods in total. Launched over time in Phases.
  • 21 sectors on the Mothership. Each sector is completely unique.
  • In Phase 1, 3,000 Pods will be released at a price of 0.5 $AVAX.
  • Phase 1 will unlock 9 of our 21 sectors.

  • Pod Name
  • Sector (1 of 21 Sectors)
  • Function (1 of 20 Functions)
  • Quality (1. Inferior - 2. Average - 3. Excellent - 4. Exquisite)
  • Trait 1
  • Trait 2
  • Trait 3

Amenities Sector
Think of it like this... We picked up Las Vegas and dropped it right here on our ship. Beautiful innit?

There is something "off" about the air in this place. Its become a candlelit haven for the clinically insane. If you strive to be a cult leader, this is a safe space.

This sector is designed like your favorite sci-fi movie. Everything looks clean, bright and optimistic.

Some sort of spore outbreak has caused plant and fungal growth to engulf the entire sector. Now the inhabitants live inside a petri dish, this ought to end well.

This entire place is built from 1s & 0s. If you find yourself wanting to live inside the mind of a Silicon Valley CEO who claims to be building "The Metaverse", welcome home.

This sector is a perpetual party, its inhabitants know no sadness. In this sector, anything goes and degeneracy is encouraged. Sounds fun to us.

This sector houses most of the tech that operates the ship. While inhabitants here have some added responsibility, they also get to live in what we imagine Elon Musk’s Starship will look like.

Here we have what looks like a 2000s era paper supply company. If you love the security of a 9–5 job, this is the place for you. Bringing new meaning to the term β€œwage cage”.

This sector feels like you are deep in a tunnel system that is seldom ventured into. The lack of maintenance has left the place rusted and broken down. The perfect place to to stay if you like to go unbothered.
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